Who can join?

The ABCD offers a range of individual and corporate categories of membership to the business community in Dubai. To apply for membership, you need to be eligible on at least one of the following categories:

  • Australian citizens and their partners
  • Alumni of Australian universities in the UAE
  • Australian citizens who do not reside in the UAE
  • Local branch of an Australian company
  • An agent of an Australian company
  • Companies who have business relationships with Australia
  • Companies or individuals who are looking to market their goods and services to the Australian community in Dubai.

Why join?

Whether you are a company looking to build your brand awareness and business generation, or an individual looking to build your network, by the joining the Australian Business Council Dubai you will gain access to an engaged, dynamic and friendly community.

  • Business networking opportunities with contacts from over 50 industry sectors
  • Australian community networking opportunities
  • Assistance with links to key industry and government bodies in the UAE and GCC
  • Representing the views and interests of members to government departments and other organisations in the UAE
  • Trade and Business forums
  • Engaging Calendar of Business and Social events
  • Online Membership Directory
  • A minimum of 6 ‘Focus’ e-newsletters per year
  • The opportunity to contribute business related articles within the 'Focus' newsletter
  • The opportunity to distribute your message to the ABCD members and community at subsidized price
  • Member Benefits, including discounts including specific fares on both the Qantas and Emirates routes


Please click on the below membership categories to work out which one best suits your needs.

Please note that as at 16.1.18 the UAE Government has not announced the rate of VAT applicable to Business Councils. However, to ensure we comply with the new laws we have registered for VAT and will be charging 0% VAT on membership fees until such time as we are notified otherwise by the Federal Tax Authority:

Payment Terms & Conditions

  • A membership year is dated 12 months from the date of paying your membership fees.
  • Full payment of membership fees is required to finalise your application as a member of the ABCD.
  • Until we informed otherwise, the rate of VAT charged on membership fees will be 0%
  • Should your application be denied you willl receive 100% refund of your membership fees.
  • Should your membership be terminated by the Committee, there will be no refund applied.
  • Full payment of your renewal fees are required within 90 days of recieving your invoice.
  • Should you not pay your renewal fees within 7 days your membership will be closed.
  • Whilst in default, Members will not be entitled to voting rights.

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